SEÇ-G Policy

In the activities carried out by Sanat Yapı, “preventing accidents, taking safety as a basis, not harming people and the environment” is the top priority. This policy includes protection against all kinds of pollution, danger and accident that may arise due to work. Everyone who works at Sanat Yapı bears responsibility and takes active roles in Health, Safety, Environment and Security issues. We accept and undertake to fulfill the following requirements in the light of our HSE policy that develops day by day,

Always determine the dangers that may come to the environment and human health in advance and take the necessary measures, protect the health and safety of the personnel and other people during the work,

• At Sanat Yapı offices, construction sites and related facilities, employees

To ensure safe and healthy working conditions in order to protect all its staff and business partners,

• Being always ready for emergencies, effective response in case of emergency, effective management and transparent reporting,

• All, including our customers, business partners and suppliers

To raise awareness of our personnel on health and protection of the environment, to provide necessary trainings and to lead in order to ensure the continuity of these trainings,

• To use natural resources and energy resources economically and efficiently,

To comply with local and international laws, regulations and standards in the work done,

• In order to ensure continuous improvement in the HSSE management system, to monitor the goals we have set by making audits, to ensure and improve their effectiveness with appropriate studies, training and evaluations,

• Preparing reports on all incidents and accidents including unsafe situations, unsafe behavior and cheap accidents in order to prevent the recurrence of incidents and accidents and to improve our performance, and to learn from them,

• Consulting all our employees in the improvement of the integrated management system and ensuring their participation.


No job is so urgent and important that it can be done without taking the necessary safety precautions and ensuring safe working conditions!