Project Summary

Sanat Yapı has implemented it on a turnkey basis, provided that it is fully automated, electrical, mechanical and construction at the 3rd Airport.

Unifree International Terminal Common Area Shops and Marketplace Monumental Buildings

In the project, which was designed by Tabanlıoğlu company, the Common Area, Stores and Marketplace Monumental Buildings, which are spread over an area of ​​30,000 square meters in the 3rd Airport international duty free area, were transformed from concept design to manufacturing.

The aforementioned productions, all of which were designed only for this project and each of which requires separate expertise, are located in the most popular places of the duty free area. All electrical, mechanical and complementary manufactures of the related structures have been undertaken by our company.

Summary Information:

Location: İstanbul TURKİYE

Type: Airport

Job Done: Exterior Facade works, Fine Construction Finishing Works, Decoration, MEP-Mechanical and Electrical Works

Square Meters: 67.000

Construction Time: 8 months

Construction Year: 2018


The two-, three-, four- and five-axis spacers of this production, which are called steel trees with a total of 150 tons, were produced on very special cnc benches, their paints were applied with a special system and special cranes were used for their assembly.

The meshes of our production, called mesh structure, were imported from Germany and stretched with special stainless carriers made here, and the assembly was completed with special lighting specially designed for this product.

The top coating, specially prepared for the form of the product named stainless canopy, took the shape of an aluminum eggshell, and the stainless gold coatings were imported from abroad for this product.

In our production, which functions as a circular store, the main carriers are produced in five-axis machines and brought from abroad, and the details are completed with specially produced curved glasses.



Three warehouses of 30,000 square meters in total, which will feed Unifree stores, have been completed as fully automated with electrical, mechanical and construction activities.

Areas equipped with special shelving systems have been automated according to the nature of each product, special fire installations have been made and air conditioning has been provided. In each area, offices with the capacity to serve the area have been designed and completed on a turnkey basis.

Technical areas of 10,000 square meters have been designed independently of the warehouse areas to serve the personnel of the stores, and turnkey constructions have been completed.

Unifree Headquarters

The HEADQUARTERS office project, located on an area of ​​7000 square meters in total within the 3rd Airport, was completed on a turnkey basis in terms of automation, electrical, mechanical and construction.