Message from The G.M

Established in 2001 by combining the experience I have gained in the private sector for many years, experience and modern working methods, new construction technologies and the teamwork spirit I have gained in professional life, Sanat Yapı İnşaat A.Ş. has made success a tradition and signed. Implementing the best solution in the most accurate way in the projects we undertake, acting in accordance with the targeted budget and work schedules and evaluating all possible risks are the unchanging principles of our company.

We are aware that the most important element of the construction industry is the right and qualified human resources. In this context, our employees, who love their job and profession, are experienced, can renew and improve themselves, and give importance to teamwork, are the most important value of our company.

Our company has always been a pioneer in the sector with its policies implemented uncompromisingly on Environment, Quality, Occupational Health and Occupational Safety, has produced sustainable policies and practices, has included these policies in all of its operations, and has acted with the awareness that it has social responsibilities for the society and the environment for the future. On the other hand, conducting our business in accordance with ethical values, laws and regulations is the main element of our company culture.

We believe that not only what you do but how you do it matters, and that quality is not a coincidence, but the result of smart effort. Indispensable and indisputable principles of business life are to be honest and principled. Our company has created a dedicated and experienced team by adding a customer satisfaction-oriented service concept to these and within this framework, our most important capital that we have accumulated since our establishment has been “satisfied customers”.

We believe that it is our duty to work hard, produce and create an educated, conscious and enlightened generation in order to prepare a better future for our country and our people who deserve the best of everything. Our esteemed employers prefer us, increasing our responsibility day by day and within this framework, our company undertakes many social responsibility projects especially related to education. While working towards this goal, the goal of our company is to transfer the knowledge and experience we have to future generations and to raise the bar for success.

Yours truly

Saltuk Orkun Eribol